Pass Plus


The Pass Plus scheme is made up of six course modules. All of the modules must be successfully completed to the required standard. Upon receipt of a Pass Plus certificate, pupils should be entitled to a substantial discount on their motor insurance (from companies supporting this scheme).

Pass Plus training will take at least six hours, although it can take longer if your instructor thinks it's necessary.

The training sessions

Pass Plus is a practical course and all modules should be practical sessions. However, local conditions and time of year may mean that some modules need to be given as a theory session. Generally at least five and a half out of six hours should be spent in the car.

You will not have to take a test at the end of the course but you will be continually assessed during the modules.

Recording progress

Your instructor will complete a training report form that you will sign and date when you reach the required standard in each module. To pass the course, you will need to reach a satisfactory standard in all the course modules. You will be given a progress record to help you to keep track of your progress throughout the course.

The price for Pass Plus Tuition from Crabtree's School of Motoring is 120

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